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Sep 2

okay,now what?

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Jun 10

Jun 4

HAHAHAH,this is a nice one


So this is where one of the girls in the Sec 3 class I teach in church got the idea from…

This does not bode well.


Jun 3

“I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.”

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May 21


People often ask me how I manage to be eighteen, have a plan for my life, and a future husband who does anything and everything he can to make sure that we are successful right now and that we will be successful in the future. Truth is, I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR IT. You can’t sit back and expect life to go your way! I fought through sleepless nights to graduate with good grades, to maintain a 4.0 through college (thus far) and I battled my parents who always have to throw in their input about how I won’t have any future with the degree I’ve chosen so just for them, I’m double majoring.

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Apr 5

Jan 22

Anger is a choice…

Jan 17

how to play volleyball? :)
Mini gorilla in Budapest Zoo


how to play volleyball? :)

Mini gorilla in Budapest Zoo

Jan 1

BMTC-OCS-AFTC….what’s next?

2011 was a pretty awesome year,filled with spectacular and surprsing moments.
First of all,I got enlisted and off I went into Cougar Plt, the same coy as many of my seniors. But as they all say, you create your own legacies.

Then, out of the blue on a sleepy morning,I received a call from my close friend who happened to miss the exciting 24km ending to a BMTC journey due to fever, reminding me to check out my postings.
The three letters that appeared before my eyes was a magical moment.Do note that I usually hated such unprepared moments(ie.checking of my exams results via email). However,this special instance elated me much. It was a beginning of many new journies and a very good end to a very happy and yet mundane BMTC training.

To start it off, I attended a commissioning parade of many whom I know. I could actually imagine myself when I saw them marching out smartly, in their No.1, singing the OCS song and then doing a marchoff after the GOH’s speech. At that moment,the jiahong in myself couldn’t wait to get commission.

Next came Alpha;the most notorious wing in OCS.Everything you heard,seen and felt,the epitome of garangness came from here.And boy was I lucky or what.I managed to find my way in there,along with the guy who woke me up to inform me to watch my postings.

The period spent in Alpha was long,very.Confinement made every one sick,even those with zest and enthusiasm.I got to know a few good souls here,many of whom were very capable.It was sad that I had to leave this place on one fine Thursday,when I was informed of a sudden change.

"Next time when you operate the Chinook,please fly properly!The lives of us(infantry) are all in your hands" This was the final goodbye and probably the one sentence that made the most of my day from a very hilarious Indian man.

So,service term flew pass in the blink of an eye.Passed a test and failed the other one. And I probably have >10 tests over at this place. I am determined,to get on that parade square with an AWO wings on my left chest.Hopefully,I am a whooping 60kilos by then. Still a long journey to go,5 months at least to RCGC and then commissioning and I shall savour every,learning to relearn.Learning to accept how others think and not let them affect me. Learning to let go of some unimportant things and not let them affect me.Learning to be firm,learning to talk(communicate) like an officer cadet.

The fun shall start soon.Sandcans,SOC,Manpack,Exams,Signals,here we come!

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